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Are you one of Canada’s top Money Managers?

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You do not have to be one of Canada’s top money managers to build the right investment strategy!

If you’re like most people, you know that deciding how to invest your retirement nest egg can prove to be a challenge. With historically low interest rates, uncertain and volatile stock markets and historically high real estate values, how do you decide where to invest your money? What has worked for you in the past to build your retirement nest egg may not be working for you now or going forward. A whole new strategy may be needed. Fortunately I have good news to announce!

In deciding how to invest your money, there are effectively three choices you can make. You can choose to buy stocks and bonds (this is generally done through a stock broker making the investment decisions on your behalf). Or you can decide instead to use mutual funds, which provide generic professional money management, catering to the mass investing public.

Many stockbrokers prefer to recommend mutual funds rather than stocks and bonds to their clients to give them access to the benefit of professional investment management.

The third alternative is private money management. Private money management encompasses the benefits of using professional investment management to make the individual stock and bond decisions on your behalf; however it is a more customized approach than simply buying mutual funds. This is the way many high net worth individuals and families have their money managed.

There are a lot of firms that have access to excellent money management. However choosing the right managers can be a challenge.

So that’s the problem, but is there a solution?  Absolutely!  It’s called Managed Portfolios.  That’s a technical-sounding name for a simple idea: a customized portfolio of investments selected by a team of professional money managers designed specifically to grow and protect your wealth around your unique needs.  More specifically your:

  • Need for income
  • Time horizon
  • Tolerance for market volatility
  • Liquidity requirements
  • Growth expectations
  • Income tax characteristics
  • Anticipated changes in lifestyle

Of course, this type of professional management isn’t right for everyone…but it may be right for you.

Remember, when it comes to your nest egg, choosing the right investment strategy is just as important as your investments themselves.  It only takes a few minutes to find out how you can both grow your wealth while also protecting your nest egg.

– By Adrian C. Spitters, FCSI®, CFP®, FMA

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About the Author:

Adrian Spitters is an avid writer and blogger who recognizes the need to publish on issues relating to the retiring business owner and farmer, by offering information and insight to help them transition into retirement and create sustainable multi-generational family wealth.

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